Invest in yourself,
ensure a strong future.

Preserve your valuable bone and stem cells for future use in your own medical procedures. Experience faster recovery, reduced complications, and secured opportunities for future therapies. Take action today to preserve your tomorrow.

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Leading the Way

Founded by Dr. Arnold Caplan, a globally recognized authority in the field of regenerative medicine, CellBank is the first and only tissue banking service specifically designed for patients undergoing total joint replacement surgery.

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Preserving Tissue

CellBank safely stores your bone and stem cells removed during joint replacement for your own use in future vital medical procedures. Banking tissue provides you valuable bio-insurance for future orthopedic procedures.

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Getting Started is Easy

CellBank wants this insurance to be available to everyone experiencing a hip or knee replacement, so we’ll work with you to create a solution that meets your needs. Contact us today and ask how to get started.

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