Benefits of Autograft


Autologous Bone Graft

While bone grafting alternatives, such as allograft and synthetic bone graft substitutes, can satisfactorily provide for the structural/volume needs, they lack the important osteogenic potential that encourages faster graft incorporation and ultimately complete tissue regeneration. Recombinant proteins, such as bone morphogenetic protein (BMP) have been shown to stimulate tissue regeneration, but they tend to be quite expensive and patient safety have been posed in the last several years.

The availability of the patient’s own autologous graft without the additional time, cost and risks affiliated with graft harvest has never been possible up until now. By preserving this valuable bone graft with affiliated cells, material that is normally discarded following surgery, CellBank enables patients and surgeons to benefit in subsequent orthopedic procedures requiring bone graft. 

Through the proper collection processing and storage protocols, CellBank delivers viable autologous bone graft for the patient when needed, with cell viability that has been reliably demonstrated for many years post-harvest.