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CellBank’s collection kit and service are specifically designed for hip and knee total replacement patients.

We have developed a seamless process that makes it simple to incorporate this innovative offering without significantly altering your standard of practice.

Contact us today to learn about providing your patients with an easy way to store their bone, marrow and stem cells.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Stem Cells

Q. What is a stem cell?

A. Stem cells are undifferentiated biological cells, that can differentiate into specialized cells and can divide (through mitosis) to produce more stem cells.

Q. What is a mesenchymal stem cell (MSC)?

A. Mesenchymal stem cells are adult stem cells traditionally found in the bone marrow. However, MSCs can also be isolated from other tissues including cord blood, peripheral blood, fallopian tube, and fetal liver and lung. As with other stem cell types, MSCs have a high capacity for self renewal while maintaining multipotency. Thus, mesenchymal stem cells have enormous therapeutic potential for tissue repair.

Offering This Service

Q. Am I as a surgeon expected to change my surgery protocol in order to accommodate CellBank’s service?

A. No. The only deviation from standard technique is the acquisition of the marrow sample, which should take no more than five minutes utilizing the collection tool supplied by CellBank.

Q. What evidence exists that suggests tissue and cells can be preserved and then reused at a later date?

A. Fresh, frozen bone grafts have been successfully utilized for more than 40 years. The landmark study on cell viability was published by Bruxton, who annually updates his work demonstrating the continued viability of frozen and recovered cells.

Q. Is there an age limit for patients beyond which CellBank will not accept tissue for banking?

A. No. The patient’s decision should be made in consideration of overall health, reasonable life expectancy and future surgery prospects. For example, a healthy 70-year-old joint replacement patient projected for future orthopedic surgeries would be a good candidate. A 72-year-old diabetic smoker would likely not be a good candidate.

Q. Does CellBank expect me to sell their service to my patients?

A. No. We ask that you present the patient a CellBank brochure to be made aware of the availability of the tissue banking service, usually done during pre-surgery orientation. Providing this brochure also positions you as a practice reflective of emerging technologies while offering an array of care options for your patients.

Q. What are my options if I determine perioperatively that the collection is not practical for my patient?

A. The patient is made aware as part of the CellBank patient consent process that in the event the tissue is unable to be collected, neither the surgeon or CellBank is liable. In such a case, the patient’s collection fee would be returned, less a small administrative fee.

Q. Is it appropriate for me to receive a tissue collection fee?

A. It is appropriate for the operating physician to receive fair compensation for the work performed as long as there is no additional billing to the patient or to a third party payer for the same work. CellBank has received an opinion from a law firm with extensive experience in health care compliance that confirms that there is minimal risk with the proposed compensation.

Q. Is the patient informed of my fee for these services? Is there an opportunity to bill their insurance for this fee as well?

A. CellBank policy requires the patient be informed of the surgeon compensation, and this is part of the patient consultation and agreement process. Third party billing is not permissible because CellBank reimburses the surgeon for services provided.