Tissue Collection

tissue collection

CellBank’s Tissue Collection Kit

On the day of surgery, a CellBank tissue collection kit will be delivered to the OR in advance of the surgery. The kit will have labeled containers to receive the large bone pieces (femoral head, femoral condyles), the reamed bone and a marrow sample. The only deviation from the standard surgical technique will be taking the marrow sample from the proximal femur (hip) or the distal femur (knee) just prior to proceeding with the standard bone cuts.

The scrub nurse/surgical tech will be instructed on the handling of the tissue to be collected. At the conclusion of surgery, the containers with the collected tissue will be packed into a custom shipping container with cold packs to maintain the tissue viability and shipped via FedEx to the processing facility.

CellBank will compensate the surgeon and the hospital for the additional work required for tissue collection and administrative oversight of the collection.