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CellBank is the first and only tissue banking service specifically designed for patients undergoing total joint replacement surgery.

CellBank collects, processes and stores the bone and stem cells removed during your hip or knee replacement procedure – tissue that would normally be thrown away. These tissues then become available for use in your future medical procedures such as orthopedic procedures requiring a bone graft or approved stem cell therapies.

An estimated 50% of all adult reconstructive orthopedic surgeries require some type of bone graft, including spine fusion, revision total joint replacement,  and foot, ankle and upper extremity procedures. Banking tissue with CellBank provides you with valuable bio-insurance for future orthopedic procedures.

The availability of a viable autologous (your own) bone graft gives you a physician-preferred alternative compared to the usual use of cadaver or synthetic bone graft substitute. This eliminates the additional time and potential complications affiliated with a fresh bone graft harvest.

Stem cells will soon change the practice of modern medicine by focusing on curing diseases instead of merely treating them. Because of this impending reality, the banking of stem cells is an emerging trend. With more than 350 active clinical trials evaluating the use of bone marrow-derived stem cells, there promises to be a variety of therapeutic uses for these cells in the future. 

CellBank not only collects and processes bone, but also the stem cells. This collection of normally discarded tissue provides you with multiple medical solutions and provides insurance for future medical procedures.

Our Products

No one can predict the future, so the best insurance plan prepares you for whatever your future medical needs may bring. CellBank’s unique processing and packaging offers a great deal of flexibility, which allows you to utilize three uniquely formulated products stored and packaged in various sizes. These products can be used multiple times and for different types of procedures, if necessary.


Surgeries that require some bone grafting material (many orthopedic procedures or dental implants, for example) will benefit from your own autologous tissue in the form of GoldGraft, which has all the key elements to regenerate or grow bone. This mix of bone, marrow and mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) sets the standard for bone regeneration. CellBank will coordinate delivery of this tissue to your medical professional, who will receive the requested quantity of bone chips that have the marrow attached for your reconstructive needs.  


GraftBoost further enhances the regeneration process of GoldGraft. Most surgeries that require graft material will benefit from this product, which increases the number of MSCs in the targeted area. This is a critical benefit since the number of MSCs you have declines as you age. The marrow that was collected during your hip or knee replacement surgery houses these MSCs. MSCs are the powerhouse of regeneration, calling forth from your body all of the inherent resources necessary to grow bone.


MyStem is a partially purified MSC product that contains your MSCs as well as some of your proteins and other cells that contribute to the usefulness of the autologous product. Future approved stem cell therapies are likely to cure a range of diseases including cardiovascular, stroke, MS and Crohns. MyStem will be sent to your physician for use in orthopedic indications as well as the range of approved stem cell therapies.