How It Works

how it works

CellBank’s dedicated employees work directly with your surgeon to facilitate a seamless collection process.

A joint replacement surgery requires patient and family focus while relying on the professionals who make up your care team. As a CellBank enrollee, you do not need to worry about our role in the team. 

Step 1: Enroll

  • Talk with a CellBank representative to get your questions answered.
  • Sign paperwork, including information about where and when (if scheduled) your surgery will take place.

Step 2: Collection

  • During your surgery, instead of discarding your bone and marrow, your surgeon will properly collect these tissues.
  • Collected bone and marrow will be placed into the collection kit provided by CellBank.
  • Collection kit will be specifically bar coded and labeled for only your use.
  • Collection kit will be sent to CellBank processing under strict shipping guidelines.

Step 3: Processing

  • CellBank’s testing, processing and storage is done under strict FDA and American Association of Tissue Bank (AATB) guidelines.
  • Your bone and marrow will be processed using our proprietary methods ensuring high-quality end products.
  • Prior to cryopreservation (cooling to sub-zero temperatures), strict testing will be conducted to make sure all three products will be available for your future use.

Step 4: Storage and Use

  • Your tissue products will be packaged to allow for maximum potential use and to make it easy for your doctor to utilize the tissue.
  • Your tissue will be cryopreserved and carefully monitored at a temperature of -180 degrees.
  • When you need your tissue you will simply contact CellBank to specify where and when the next procedure is taking place.

Throughout the process, strict guidelines are followed to ensure proper tissue handling and safety, so you can feel confident that you will receive your own, safe products back when you have a medical need.