Why Save Tissue?


CellBank offers hip and knee replacement patients a service that represents a new kind of insurance.

Just as you plan for your financial future through retirement planning, car insurance, and home protection you should be planning for your medical future by insuring that you have access to the latest advances in Regenerative Medicine. Banking your bone and stem cells gives you this protection.

CellBank is the only company collecting normally discarded tissue during your already scheduled surgical procedure. Most regenerative medicine businesses require you to undergo a second, often painful procedure. In addition, CellBank’s unique collection, processing and storage allow you to use your stored tissue for multiple different medical uses today and in the future. Whether you need another orthopedic procedure that requires bone grafting material or you need your stem cells for an approved stem cell therapy, CellBank delivers your tissue/cells when you need it and where you need it. Your discarded bone tissue and marrow are populated with stem cells that could be used in a future surgery or may even one day save your life.

Autologous (your own) bone and marrow has long been considered the gold standard in orthopedic procedures. Yet, until CellBank launched, the only available autologous bone and marrow required an additional procedure that yields less tissue and increases the recovery time.

Many orthopedic procedures require the use of a bone grafting material. CellBank customers will have their own superior tissue stored, with no need to undergo another procedure, use cadaver bone or synthetic product.

One collection of normally discarded bone and marrow will produce both autologous grafting material and your own stem cells. The use of adult stem cells is not new—bone marrow transplants that are used to fight leukemia and other diseases have been employed for many years and rely on the stem cells housed in the bone marrow. Yet the use of adult stem cells to cure diseases is still in its infancy. Having your stem cells stored will position you to take advantage of the best medical outcomes in the future.